Turpentine Creek Animal Sanctuary

The Place that Love Built . . .

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, exemplifies the kind of relationship with fellow humans and the earth we hope to encourage in Ecumene.Org and its subsidiary domains, sites, and pages -- compassion, care, concern -- a sense of responsibility, not only for people but for the entire biosphere.  The portraits of the animals in this site are still images captured from videos taped on 12 and 13 August  2000.  As I looked into their faces I saw myself reflected in the mirror of their eyes.  At Turpentine Creek their lives are infinitely better than they would have been abandoned, in tiny cages, or killed. But still, until there is funding for more natural habitats, most of them are confined to cages -- clean, safe, well-fed, but behind bars.

If you want to know more about the Refuge and Foundation, be sure to visit the Turpentine Creek Domain at http://turpentinecreek.org.


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